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Welcome to Beyond Baccalieu

Grates Cove, Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada

Seabirds :: Icebergs :: Whales

Restaurant :: Gift Shop :: Live Traditional Newfoundland Music


  • Ever heard of Baccalieu Island Ecological Reserve? Millions of seabirds have!
  • Are you tired of flocking to the same destination as everybody else?
  • Want to get "off the beaten path", only a 2-hour drive from St. John's?
  • Want to see a traditional Newfoundland & Labrador fishing outport?
  • Want to experience Newfoundland & Labrador history, culture and cuisine?
  • Want to meet the warm and friendly people Newfoundland & Labrador is so famous for?
  • Want to hear live Newfoundland Music outside of St. John's?
  • Looking for a good meal at a reasonable price, and quality souvenirs to take back home?

Then Beyond Baccalieu, in Grates Cove, is a must-see stop on your vacation to
Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada !

We are located in the historic village of GRATES COVE, Newfoundland, at the farthest point on the Baccalieu Trail. Our Cafe and Gift Shop is open from June to September. Starting July 2010, come join us for our live traditional Newfoundland music concerts with renowned musicians. Nearby is BACCALIEU ISLAND ECOLOGICAL RESERVE with millions of seabirds there, as well as the large numbers of whales and porpoises in our waters. If you come in the spring to early summer, you will see icebergs as they pass right by "our front door".

If you would like to see what life is like in a real Newfoundland & Labrador outport, Grates Cove is the destination for you. The water may be cold, but the people are warm and friendly! A two hour drive from "Town" (St. John's), you will pass through many splendid spots on the Baccalieu Trail on the way to Grates Cove, which is "at the end of the road".

Grates Cove has been a fishing village since the late 1700's, and you can still see the local fishermen landing their catch at the wharf today. Our scenic town has a special beauty, with its towering hill behind the U-shaped cove, its brightly coloured fishing boats, and its windswept headlands (The Motion and the Glass Cutting Hole). There are plenty of boardwalks and walking trails from which you can explore the area. Wander our hillsides and see the interesting Rock Walls for which Grates Cove is famous, visit our resident Eagle's Nest in Heart Cove, or go trouting or berry picking when the season is right.

Whales come right into the cove and you can easily see them from shore. (Or better yet, watch them from the deck of Beyond Baccalieu, we guarantee you won't find a more inviting place to have a meal or a drink, and enjoy the fantastic views). If you are a birdwatcher or nature photographer, Grates Cove is your kind of Heaven. The famous explorer John Cabot thought this place was so nice, he visited it twice (and left graffitti to prove it)!

Please stop by and see us. Our Cafe will be serving fine home-cooked baked goods and we offer handmade, high quality arts and crafts made by local residents for sale in our Gift Shop. Also visit "Vic's Rocks 'n Things", for one-of-a-kind artwork made by the creative mind of resident artist Vicky Martin.

And in July, we are holding our Summer Concert Series with traditional Newfoundland Music played by renowned musicians. You can't find music like this outside of George Street in St. John's.

Fishing Stage in Grates Cove, Newfoundland

Grates Cove is a wonderful place to explore the surrounding towns on the Baccalieu Trail, like historic Old Perlican, Red Head Cove and Bay de Verde, as well as other places "up the shore". And if your preference is to stay in a Canada Select rated Bed & Breakfast, please visit the Cabot View B&B. Your host is Kevin Duggan.

Imagine a place where the stars are so bright at night in the heavens you don't need a flashlight, or where you can hear the blow of a whale from your front porch, or where ocean breezes carry the sound of crying seabirds and thundering waves to your ears. Imagine walking through fields of long grasses and wildflowers, with the sun on your face (and sometimes a little rain or fog too!), and the smell of the ocean filling your senses. Imagine a place so remote your cell phone probably won't work, and total strangers make you feel so welcome you never want to leave! Think of simpler times, and feel your stress drift away.

Please check out the menu bar at the top to learn more about Beyond Baccalieu, and to plan your vacation to Newfoundland & Labrador, the Avalon Peninsula and the Baccalieu Trail.